Boneyard Christmas Jam

This is just a jam organised by Boneyard regulars Sam Brookfield and Mike Salt. An evening of inline only with all proceeds going into the ramp fund to build new and better ramps. Get over there for one of the last events of 2005. Great atmosphere guaranteed.

Click the flyer to view details.

Stoke Plaza

Just a quick update to say that Stoke Plaza is nearly finished and if you want to know what it’s looking like, check the panorama below and go to the gallery and look ing the Stoke section of the Places to Skate for detailed pics. Remember though that these were taken in hte dark when it was wet. It should look a LOT better in daylight when it hasn’t been raining for days on end…

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A week at Rampworx

I’m still feeling rough a week later. Yes I spent 6 complete days at Rampworx and not just because I got nailed under the new sub-box. It was the combination of 4 (that’s right 4) separate events all at the same place over 1 week.

First up was the USD and Deshi supported Pro Clinic. In short, a select few of the UK’s skaters (those that paid up first) got to skate Rampworx almost completely alone. The exception was the 3 pro “tutors” in the shapes of Al Hooi, Dom Sagona, and Jenna Downing. Now that’s shape… Most of the pupils were there for the week (myself included) but others just dropped in for odd days.

On the Friday, it was the turn of the Salomon and Xsjado Pro tour to hit the park. That night Vinny and Chaz were killing the ledges and the main kinked rail while Stockwell destroyed the transitions with new lines at amazing speeds. Farmer was mostly filming, but also had a good session on his skates.

After an “unofficial” night at Krazyhouse, and a few hours sleep in our hotel, it was time to return for another mad day. This time it was the Empire Battle Royale. A new idea that changes the way a comp goes down. No more runs, no more jams, just one on one pushing each other on one obstacle. Winner goes through, loser goes out. This is more representitive of a street battle and it showed with a huge result for the Manc lads and UKskate. Carl Lockyear and Fraser Watson lost out in the semi to leave Scott Hallows and Nick Lomax to tear the Sub Box to pieces. Nick eventually won.

The afterparty was held at the Krazyhouse due to problems with the original location (Magnet) losing its license or something. Anyway many people ended up worse for wear, not least of which was N.Lo as everyone was buying him drinks using their 2-4-1 offers. We were all feeling rough the next day for the ASA qualifiers, but it still went off. Can’t remember the positions, but there was some impressive skating going down. Best of 2 runs each lasting 2 minutes. 48 entrants and I believe 4 top went on to qualify for the full ASA.

As you can imagine, after that lot I took a week off work to rest, and only now a full week later am I ready to revisit the world. Plenty more events left in the calendar though so keep an eye on the gallery.

It had to happen eventually

I have officially become a MySpace whore. I set up an account on the dreaded Emo City a long time ago but never followed it up. Now I have been drawn into the evil clutches of the MySpace web. My “friends” are all rolling related and I can justify it as a networking tool. However, I know as well as anyone that it’s just a popularity contest.

So, if you’re looking to add people, and you actually know me (skated with me, met me, used my photos on MySpace etc) then click on the logo and add away. However, for all rollers I ask that you add the Freenation Magazine MySpace. I’m trying to push this as I want to get the word out to rollers everywhere…

Cheers, and keep whoring…

Freenation Mag has a new contributor

The Doctor is in. How cheesy is that? Well it appears I’m stuck with it. Apparantly, because I know about hardware and the like I am now the “Doctor” in FNmag. I don’t mind helping out but I mean, Doctor Duncan? Jeez. OK, so if you have any problems, questions or tips then send them in and they may appear in the magazine…

I’m also helping out with the buyers’ guide, the Test Pool (reviews), taking photos and the occasional event write-up. Fact is I’m always trekking around to events so I may as well record something from them and let others know what’s going on in the rolling world. Others should do the same. If you can get to an event and take a few pics, then send them in with some text and it could end up in the mag, or at least on the website (that is still in production).

Richard Taylor Memorial Fund

Some of you may be or may not be aware that a fund was set up by Richards parents after he passed away last year. The purpose of the fund is to raise enough finance to build a skatepark in Richards home town of Barry, Wales. This skatepark would be an ever lasting memorial to Richard and what he stood for.

Fundraising has been ongoing since Richard passed and now with it being 1yr since that date there is a new drive to raise funds. On the 6th July it was Richards Birthday and to highlight this his parents released the Richard Taylor Memorial Wristband. Hopefully these bands will help to raise enough finance to build the skatepark in his memory. Bands will be available at events through out the summer in the UK and Europe. They are also being distributed through skate shops nationwide. If your not going to these events or can’t get hold of the bands, and you wish to reserve your bands then please see the pic for further information.


David Bell