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Having recently checked the site bandwidth use, it appears there is space to expand. As such there is a trial of video downloads from the site. There will be videos produced by the friends of Urbanlines, some high quality edits and clips from around the world, and also as many trailers I can get hold of.

video shots

There are currently limits to who can download, and how much. Only members of the site can download so far, and only 1 download per day. The edits should be worth the wait though, as I’ll try to make sure that they are of high enough quality and length to keep you entertained.

If you see the new section at the top of this page, you can start downloading!

Boneyard Jam Photos

Session on the planters

It was a while ago, but there’s quite a few photos from the comps and from the general skating. It was another sick event put on by the guys at Boneyard. More relaxed and inclusive than a lot of the UK comps it’s all about having a fun session at the park.

Personally I was amazed at the level of skating, with the under 13’s group bringing out some amazing skills that show there is a future for the sport in this country. The Open and expert categories stepped up as well with some ridiculous tricks being thrown down. If you missed it this year then make sure you get down there for the next one!

The roundup of Slamm Jamm

Right, the closest thing to an “official” edit has just come out from Paul -jp- Cargill. It is being hosted along with a few other edits and clips from the weekend on Mark “Balmore” Wilson’s site.


An edit from Will Willson including tricks from Brian Aragon and Chaz Sands along with a host of lesser known skaters is available on YouTube.

<update>This just in – A 7 minute monster edit from is available here on YouTube.</update>

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Slamm Jamm Photos

Promax on the railThanks to Dave Bell, the park staff and all the sponsors for another amazing weekend at Rampworx in the form of the Slamm Jamm. The pictures are starting to come through. So far I only have my photos from the skating on Friday, but keep watching for the updates that will be coming soon which will include both Saturday’s skating and the mad night out in Liverpool that is really where the Slamm Jamm takes off…

Old photos hit the gallery

OK, so it was a LONG time ago, but I finally dug out some photos from the 2005 British Championships. I -was- waiting to get the wole set, including those handed over to Freenation during the event, but as that is never going to happen I thought I’d just work with what I have;

Julian Coulter

Blake Bird

Steve Swain

OK,so there’s nothing from any of the miniramp or vert competitions, but I may one day get hold of those and post them. Hope to get back to Peterborough again this year…

Skate Plaza in Crewe

So, the concrete is spreading. It seems that every new skatepark that is being built is a concrete plaza style park. This however seems a little different to the norm. It was the furst time this contract firm had built a skatepark in concrete. In fact, their first work in concrete of any form. The boys done good though. It’s a great smooth surface, without the typical sliding that seems to be the norm on parks of this type.

The park consists of 3 main features. There’s the 2 level kidney bowl, the big staircase and the plaza. Each edge has the usual aluminium edging on it. Not as easy to control as a proper coping, but nicer on the shins than the sharp extruded steel you see in some council parks. The plaza area has a couple of decent drop ledges, stair ledges, rails, flatbanks, manual blocks etc giving some decent lines around the park.

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New Look?

The site is undergoing a major update at the moment. Don’t worry if things aren’t quite right. If you keep checking back things should slowly be improving. Eventually the idea is to have a fully integrated, regularly updated and smooth looking website. That’s a long way off but we are heading in the right direction.

Any ideas of features you’d like to see, or errors that are hanging around and not getting fixed, let us know using the contact details at the top of the page.

Old Skool UK Mags

I was just looking through my “library” of magazines this evening, when it struck me that I now have a new scanner on my desk. The result is a little education for the masses. A bit of rolling history if you will. There have been a number of UK magazines that have come and (mostly) gone over the past decade, but here are the cover shots from the 6 biggest mags since 1996:

Of course there’s going to be a lot of skaters that haven’t even heard of most of these. The reason for that is that most of them started up around ’96 and didn’t last too long. For those who do remember, well done on being as stupid as me and spending the best part of your life on wheels…

Livi Jam

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It’s been a couple of weeks now since the Livi Jam, but I’ve finally got around to sorting the photos. I’m not as happy with this year’s collection but check them out anyway.

Well, Livi Jam was a sick weekend as always. It had a bit of a downer when I found that some of the local chavs (or Scots equivalent) had decided it would be fun to destroy my not-exactly-cheap tent. The fights were interesting for a short time though. Still it was for the most part a good humoured and well attended event. The usual sessions went down with things going a little mental as the drinking started.

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