Epic Jam

It’s been ages since I updated the front page of this site. I’m hoping to sort out some sort of content management system to keep it all tidy and save me time in getting things on here. For now though it’s still a ball ache but I’ll try to do it a little more often…

Ben Mellor

Ade Wallace

Ty Brisset

Anyway, a couple of months ago was the Epic Jam. Initially planned as an evening event, it was extended to an all-nighter due to worries from some of the rollers about getting home on the bus so late at night. I’m afraid to say that most people bottled it and left far too early anyway.

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John Taylor will be missed

The UK rolling industry has lost another member of its community. John Taylor, husband to Gaynor and father to Robert and the late Richard Taylor, passed away in Barry, South Wales as a result of a massive heart attack.

I met John on precious few occasions, but when I did he was a true gent. Always there with a kind word and a hand of friendship. We all have our given time on this world, but for some this is all too brief. My thoughts now go out to Gaynor and Rob in these hard times.


A simple but significant project has been started.

The goal is to raise $5,000.00 by July 1, 2006 for the Richard Taylor Memorial Skatepark in his home town of Wales, United Kingdom. The $5,000.00 will be presented to Gaynor Taylor (His mother) by July 6, 2006. That is Richards birthday.

How can you help ? Simply donate at least $2.00, and spread the word. If you have a website, please post a link to RichardTaylorFund.com, and write a little bit about it in your News section. If you work at a magazine, please run the link in your News section and on your website.

If the goal of $5,000.00 is surpassed, that additional money will also be donated to Gaynor Taylor. The donations campaign will end on July 1, 2006. As a worldwide rollerblading family, it is up to us to honor Richard Taylor and make the Richard Taylor Memorial Skatepark a reality.

Thank you for your support,


Gaynor Taylor

Matt Mickey

I know…

Yeah, the site’s dead. Well it looks like my web host has killed the database holding the gallery and the forums. I’m chasing them now. Keep checking back but it’s not looking like it will be back tonight. Cheers fellas!


OK, so I was wrong. Gave them a call and it all seems to be back working again. If it breaks again, can someone let me know (email, MSN whatever). Cheers


Lockdown Allnighter @ Interact

Details in the flyer. I don’t know anything about this one. Just got the flyer in the email. It’s at Interact skatepark in Burnley. It’s an all night event and ther eare things on. Damn it, read the flyer…

Missions to Rampworx

Yesterday was my first evening mission to Rampworx in a while. I haven’t been going a lot recently so I have decided now that I will try and get over there for a few hours on Tuesday nights after work. This one was a bit of a quiet one, but hopefully if I get into going more often I’ll start progressing again. Anyone up for some Tuesday sessions at Rampworx then?

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As I now have the tools to make panoramas, I will be trying to get them for as many skate spots, parks etc as I can. I got the pics for these from Bones in Stockport a while ago, but just put them together into panoramas tonight. I will probably edit the gallery to allow these to be used in there to make it easier.

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