Richard Taylor Memorial Fund

Some of you may be or may not be aware that a fund was set up by Richards parents after he passed away last year. The purpose of the fund is to raise enough finance to build a skatepark in Richards home town of Barry, Wales. This skatepark would be an ever lasting memorial to Richard and what he stood for.

Fundraising has been ongoing since Richard passed and now with it being 1yr since that date there is a new drive to raise funds. On the 6th July it was Richards Birthday and to highlight this his parents released the Richard Taylor Memorial Wristband. Hopefully these bands will help to raise enough finance to build the skatepark in his memory. Bands will be available at events through out the summer in the UK and Europe. They are also being distributed through skate shops nationwide. If your not going to these events or can’t get hold of the bands, and you wish to reserve your bands then please see the pic for further information.


David Bell