New look for The Boneyard

The Boneyard has had somewhat of a makeover during the last year. Gone is the rough concrete, replaced by a new smooth wooden floor. Other sections have been resurfaced while major parts have had a complete redesign. We were over there recently for a look and skate on the new surfaces and all I can say is it’s taken it to the next level. It was always one of the best parks for the atmosphere and the staff. It always had some fun lines. Now it’s really stepped up to a smooth fast flowing park. Check out the photos and even better, get over for a visit.

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SJ13 After Party Photos

[singlepic id=4138 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=right] If you were partying with us after Slamm Jamm 13 then head over to the gallery and check out the photos. There’s a good chance you’re gonna be in there somewhere. In fact, if you weren’t there, then go and look at what you missed. It was yet another alcohol fuelled evening in great company. What more could you ask for after spending a couple of days skating one of the best parks in Europe? See you at the next one.

DVD Wish List

I don’t quite understand it. I’ve seen plenty of DVD trailers over the years but it has been a very long time since I actually felt I needed to go out and hand over some cash to purchase a release. Now there are 3 that I absolutely must have. Each looks to have a very different style and vibe to it, but I doo need all three. I have to have these. Seriously, watch the trailers and then tell me you’re not wanting some…