The roundup of Slamm Jamm

Right, the closest thing to an “official” edit has just come out from Paul -jp- Cargill. It is being hosted along with a few other edits and clips from the weekend on Mark “Balmore” Wilson’s site.


An edit from Will Willson including tricks from Brian Aragon and Chaz Sands along with a host of lesser known skaters is available on YouTube.

<update>This just in – A 7 minute monster edit from is available here on YouTube.</update>

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Slamm Jamm Photos

Promax on the railThanks to Dave Bell, the park staff and all the sponsors for another amazing weekend at Rampworx in the form of the Slamm Jamm. The pictures are starting to come through. So far I only have my photos from the skating on Friday, but keep watching for the updates that will be coming soon which will include both Saturday’s skating and the mad night out in Liverpool that is really where the Slamm Jamm takes off…

Old photos hit the gallery

OK, so it was a LONG time ago, but I finally dug out some photos from the 2005 British Championships. I -was- waiting to get the wole set, including those handed over to Freenation during the event, but as that is never going to happen I thought I’d just work with what I have;

Julian Coulter

Blake Bird

Steve Swain

OK,so there’s nothing from any of the miniramp or vert competitions, but I may one day get hold of those and post them. Hope to get back to Peterborough again this year…