3 more sessions up in the Gallery

Right, even though my laptop is currently out of action, and my desktop is slower than a slow thing with a limp, that’s asleep, I’ve managed to work through some processing to bring some new pictures from the past week. Two locations last Friday – Starting off at Bones/UKSkate for a chilled session (BTW the new section looks amazing). Next was short hop over to Rampworx to catch the end of the Ladies’ Night. Fimally was my usual Tuesday evening at Boneyard.

Get yourselves into the Gallery to check out the new pics.

More (minor) gallery changes

Right, more good news on the Gallery. 3 minor updates to the navigation:

First – I’ve moved the [NEW] tag and toned down the colour slightly.

Second – I’ve added a number to each link showing how many images are in each section

Third – I’ve identified and fixed a bug that was not allowing access to a couple of the sections. These were specifically

The 2005 ASA/LG Finals at the MEN Arena in Manchester and

The USD/Deshi clinic event from 2005 held at Rampworx Skatepark

I am still working on recovering the data from my archives to try and fill in any blanks.