A few night shots from Stoke Plaza

Finally got out for a skate outside on Friday. OK, it was only Plaza, followed by a mustly unsuccessful trip into Hanley, and return to Plaza, but it was great to have a few guys down to skate and to actually be outside without dying of cold. Didn’t spend much time behind the lens but grabbed a few shots when we returned to the Plaza:

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Panoramic Images

As I have a number of panoramic images, I thought I’d (yet again) work out a way to show them on the website. So, here it is, new plugin for the “new” website to allow me to post panoramic shots. For hte first shot, I’ll just re-use the old image I have of the skate Plaza at Crewe (origianlly called Tipkinder).

[ptviewer image=2012/02/CrewePlazaPanoSmall.jpg imagewidth=2781 imageheight=320 horizon=160 hfov=360 auto=0.1]Crewe Plaza (Tipkinder Park)[/ptviewer]

Winterclash 2012 – Friday Photos

Winterclash this year was for me a last minute thing. Deciding the week before to simply book a hotel and buy tickets on Eurotunnel I was just going to get in the car and see how it went. Having Ashy, Dean and Danny join me definitely made this trip though. Heading out late Thursday, we drove overnight to arrive in Eindhoven shortly after the sun had risen. We checked out where Area 51 was, then headed over to the hotel to check in and grab a couple of hours sleep before returning to the park to start our weekend…

So, after spending this week recovering from Winterclash and the resulting sharing of virii that occured, I have finally got down to sorting the photos I took. Here, in pictures, is what I saw go down on the Friday.

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A selection of Winterclash 2012 edits

So as I’ve been feeling pretty crappy since arriving home from Winterclash, I’ve been watching edits that have been put out from the event. I’ve selected what I consider the ten best released so far (or the best ten I’ve found). Have a watch through them and tell me what you think. Which do you think is the best edit so far?

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Laced photos (partying)

Hot on the trail of the skating photos are the all important partying photos. Though all too brief, the afterparty (held at the Elevator Studios in Liverpool was as usual a great opportunity to unwind and maybe have a drink or two with the other skaters at the . Unfortunately nothing that I can sell to Heat magazine, but some nice pics of everyone having fun in a less formal atmosphere.

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Laced photos (skating)

After a short break from the computer to mission to Winterclash (photos to be posted in due course) I have now got around to sorting through the shots I took at Laced a week back. As you’ll have seen, there was the new rainbow box that everyone was killing but also three was action all over the park as usual.

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If you’re waiting for the photos from the afterparty then don’t worry, I’ll be working on them next. Actually, some people maybe should worry precicely because they will be posted soon…

All ready for Winterclash 2012

OK, so it’s Winterclash this weekend. Officially it’s a 2 day skate event in Eindhoven, Netherlands, but for many it’s already started. UK skaters and and those visiting the UK for the recent Laced competition have been starting to make their way over to the continent. Though many have chosen to fly through Amsterdam and take the opportunity to savour the delights of the capital, I’m treading a different path. Roadtrip. Leaving late on Thursday I’ll be driving to the event via the Channel Tunnel and then through France and Belgium before hitting the Netherlands.

Unfortunately as a result I’m going to miss the pre comp session (Thursday 18:00 – 23:00, 5€ entry fee). However this is going to allow me to take my skates, cameras, laptop, and pretty much whatever I want, and travel in style and comfort. As such there really is no excuse if I come back without a decent set of photos, and maybe even a few Go-Pro clips. I’ll be there throughout the competition and of course at the parties. See how the cream of skating get their groove on…

For all those going, remember to dress up warm as it’s going to be a cold one that’s pretty much guaranteed. So, this time in 2 day’s I should be heading under the channel. Hope to see a few faces over there…

Laced Comp at Rampworx

Well it all went down. It was great to meet up with so many skaters again, seeing some amazing skating and of course getting the party on. I don’t really have much to say as is the usual way for me seeing the event through a lens I don’t remember many specifics of what went down but here’s a quick rundown of what I did catch.

Pro results:

First Alex Burston
Second Brian Aragon
Third Edwin Wieringh

Open results:

First Piotrek Combrzynski
Second Jack Swindals
Third James Keyte

Girls’ results:

First Jenna Downing
Second Fallon Heffernan
Third Frieda Reisch
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