Skate Plaza in Crewe

So, the concrete is spreading. It seems that every new skatepark that is being built is a concrete plaza style park. This however seems a little different to the norm. It was the furst time this contract firm had built a skatepark in concrete. In fact, their first work in concrete of any form. The boys done good though. It’s a great smooth surface, without the typical sliding that seems to be the norm on parks of this type.

The park consists of 3 main features. There’s the 2 level kidney bowl, the big staircase and the plaza. Each edge has the usual aluminium edging on it. Not as easy to control as a proper coping, but nicer on the shins than the sharp extruded steel you see in some council parks. The plaza area has a couple of decent drop ledges, stair ledges, rails, flatbanks, manual blocks etc giving some decent lines around the park.

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