Rollernews Drama (anyone surprised?)

Call me a hypocrite if you like, getting drawn into drama about a site that thrives on drama but on this occasion I feel it is necessary. I’ve never been a fan of Rollernews primarily because as someone who produces their own (copyrighted) content I do not like how they steal and profit from the work of others and put literally nothing back into supporting the sport. Added into that the encouragement of lies, drama and all round divisive behaviour by their readers and it’s a pretty detrimental influence on our sport as a whole.

This has been highlighted recently and quite succinctly in a post by Dave Lang on Facebook where a video he shot at Nitro Circus Live was used by Rollernews, but they then blocked Dave from commenting on it.

Check this link for details.

One City One Shot Episode #2

After taking quite a liking to the format of One Shot in Manc I have decided to occasionally get out occasionally and just pick the best shot to showcase. This time is was prompted by a visit by Dean Makin up to Stoke. Unfortunately on the day most of the spots we visited we unavailable but this one, though damp (and remaining so due to the Potteries Drizzle) was where we ended up. A derelict demolition site with only a couple of outbuildings remaining, accompanied by their rusty stair rails…

[singlepic id=5408 w=600]

Dean Makin – Fishbrain – Bentilee

Slamm Jamm 2012 – Photos from Saturday

After finally getting around to processing the rest my images, here are the best of the shots I got from the Saturday at Slamm Jamm. For your convenience, I have separated them into the skating photos (at Rampworx) and the afterparty photos from the mess that went down at Bumper.

Of course the photos from Friday at the park are still available if you want to check out these as well.