UrbanLines.net goes mobile

Another step forward for UrbanLines. This time it’s for mobility. Now you can browse the news and gallery while on the move. New features mean that if you’re checking out the website on your phone you get a much cleaner and simpler layout. Perfect for checking out the gallery and catching up on the blog posts while out and about. No more waiting for ages as the whole site downloads, and it should be a lot easier to read and to navigate.

It’s not currently 100% but things like logging onto the site should be available as soon as I get around to fixing them up.

UrbanLinesNet YouTube channel

Since the guys dug out some epic edits and clips from back in the day, I thought it would be appropriate to set up a dedicated channel for the UrbanLines.net video feed. To start it will simply be old videos we find around the place from back in the day, but hopefully it should be a place to add in any new content that we film to go alongside the photos on here.

Click here to go to the channel and see what’s up there (and obviously save it as a favourite for later) but in the meantime here’s something to whet your appetite for some way-back-when skating filmed on quality handcams and edited in Microsoft Paint…


Here come another trio

I’ve only gone and done it again. Nothing for months and then 3 galleries up at once. This time it’s Slamm Jamm 12 hosted at Rampworks skatepark, the Boneyard Jam over Halloween, and a Power Hour® on the infamous Alsager Ledges. Check the gallery for full listings.

Charity request

OK guys, this may not seem related to skating but I think it is. Consider the slam that Roll Kings’ rider Adrian Wallace took at the Boneyard Jam at the weekend (hoping you’re feel better soon fella) and what could have resulted from such an immense impact. Also note that this came to me through local legend Mr Kyle Murray, so I think it’s thoroughly appropriate.

So, what am I going on about? Well, basically helping Kyle’s far better looking other half to raise money for Aspire, a charity dedicated to supporting people with spinal cord injuries. Want to help out? I’m sure every donation would be appreciated. Get yourselves over to the Just Giving page and give whatever you can for this worthy cause.

If nothing else, the web page has a picture of Hannah in her bikini. I’m not saying that’s a reason to check it out, but if it helps…