Madrid – Day Two Part One

After the messiness that was the Bar Crawl, we were all feeling shockingly alive at breakfast. This hostel (Las Musas Residences) is so good. Free coffee, toast and cereal was much appreciated especially considering there was still no news on my missing suitcase. As you can imagine I was not relishing another day of Madrid heat in the same clothes but there really wasn’t much option. So, as soon as we had filled up on freebies we were out on a mission.

Leaving the Hostel we headed “North”. Actually, it was West, but North sounded better. First thing we found was a plaza. As is common over here there were ledges all round the square. It was pretty sweet way to start out but it didn´t take us long to realise there is better out there. Spot 2 was another ledge session but this time it was already waxed and though a rough surface it slid well. However as the place was rammed and literally everyone passing by stopped to inspect my flashes we decided to move on.

Again heading in a direction unknown we find the longest fastest hill to skate down. Well, they did but me having skates that were chilling in a coffee shop just off Dam square, I was taking the slower route. It was worth it however as by the time hte road levelled out I found the guys on a deserted open area littered with session ledges. This is where we would spend most of our UV absorbing hours for this day. At one point I borrowed Johhny’s skates and got a few tricks in myself so I was happy too. Eventually we grew weary of these ledges and in search of other spots, headed toward the river stopping only for some shade and for John to run about 15ft up a completely vertical tree.

As we were now over the river we made a turn and followd the banks in the search for places tp skate. How easily we were distraced though and seriously, how much better are kids’ playparks in Madrid than, well, anywhere? After sessioning the rocking balance beams and the shaky wooden bridge putting more than one of is on the floor in a less than elegant pile we were back on our way south moving towards the skatepark marked on our maps “Number 29!!”. This wasn’t however until Laffey managed to aim a pebble at John and ping it off his shades from 50 yards.

WAlking by the river does have its advantages. As we noticed steps leading down to a shallow area off the main river it seemed hte perfect opportunity to sit and cool off for a while. We somehow managed to convince Johnny to lick the path and everyone was loving having their feet dangling into the cool, clear (yet worryingly odourous) water. No-one drowned though which is a positive point and leaving this we again headed towards the skatepark.

Along the way something glinted at the side of the road. Was it one of the now infamous (well to us) green rails that we had hoped to see? Actually no, but it was a rail so sessions started to kill it somewhat and both the photos and edits will show what went down. This did however manage to use up the last of our energy and by the time we got as far as the Athletico stadium (half way to the skatepark) everyone was crumbling.

Gotta go now to get ready to go out but I’ll add more later.

Madrid – Day One Part Two

Sorry, nothing yet. This is just posted as a placeholder as I want one of the otehr guys to give their stories of travelling here and the general messiness that was hte first night Bar Crawl.

Madrid – Day One Part One

So starts the epic saga that is Madrid. The day started at 02:45, after a whole 30 minutes of sleep. My phone is telling me that I need to get out of a bed that gas only just warmed in order to leave plenty of time in my “no way am I missing this flight” schedule. With a pint of coffee, a similar amount of OJ and some egg and cress butties bought from Sainsbury’s only a few hours earlier I hit the road. My camera bag and suitcase in the boot. All is going to plan. That never happens. Oh crap, did I pick up my travel documents? Here’s Stafford services. I pull off, pull into the carpark and check my bag. All is good again. All of my documents are there and I’m only 2 minutes into my very generous wiggle room.

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