Loco Skate Beach Jam

OK, media is leaking out from the LocoSkate Beach Jam that was held last weekend down in Eastbourne. As part of the annual Eastbourne Extreme event we took overthe seafront skatepark from noon until 5. All was going well with the NewBlood (under 16) qualifiers and the open comps running all smoothly and to time. We managed to see 2 of the 3 qualifiers for the Pros before the threatened rain finally drown out the comp.

Considering the forcasts and the clouds we did very well to get this far. Nothing stopping the event though as there was a backup spot planned and, well, take a look for yourselves on the result in Jordan’s video above (from jordanmaders.co.uk) and in the pictures in the Gallery on here.

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N.A.S.S. – Sunday started shitty

[singlepic id=3832 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=left]Final update to the 2011 NASS Gallery. Just a few shots from the Pro Inline session and a few extra treats from the end of the weekend. The question is, how would you handle being chased around a campsite by a naken man covered in his own faeces?

N.A.S.S. – Working through Saturdays’ pics

[singlepic id=386 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=right]After a few interruptions (see other news posts for details) I’ve managed finally to work through the photos from Saturday’s daytime activities. This includes the skating in the main park (Open and Ams) plus the events at the campsite throughout the afternoon (beer pong, nerf and chilling in the sun). Still loads to go through fron the evening and the remaining skating on the Sunday, but I’ll keep working on it.

Now, get over to the Gallery and check them out…

Heading down to Eastbourne

Just throwing a few things in the car and heading down to the LocoSkate Beach Jam. The weather doesn’t look the best but we’ll make it a party anyway. We’ll be there until Sunday at least so everyone get on down and join us for a little fun whether rolling or otherwise. Just check the attendees list on the Facebook event to see who’s down and the trouble you’ll miss if you don’t join us.

Get on it.

All I want is to be liked

The reason I take these photos is for everyone to see them and use them. I love to see my photos being used around facebook but I would ask for 2 things

1) Use the “like” button. Spread the word. It’s over in the column to the left. This helps to get the site known and bring in more people. It also means you get updates whenever something is posted in the news.

2) If possible, use the images as they are without editing them. Mainly because having the sitename on is really a good way for me to get the site known, but also because I put a lot of time into the composition and look of each image.

Well, cheers and keep flooding facebook with photos and get tagging people on them…

N.A.S.S. – Friday Night Photos

[singlepic id=3634 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=left]It has been a long day of sorting and editing photos. I have now completed and uplaoded the shots I managed to get throughout the first day of the event. Please forgive the slitly dodgy focus. It looked fine to me when I took them though I may have not been quite sober enough to judge. Anyway, check through the Gallery for your mug or to see how the parties went down…

N.A.S.S. – It was a wild weekend

OK. This was NASS. It was intense. I’m not going to try and cover what went down as so many others can do that much better than I. I’m here to simply point out that is was borderline legendary and also to provide you with some visual delights from the activities. First set of shots have now been uploaded and cover simply what I was watching during the first day. All images are in the Gallery and coming up next will be a little imagery from the Friday night’s shenanigans. So, remember to watch out for updates and tell everyone to ‘Like” the facebook page for notifications…