Nick Lomax – Let It Never End (Vimeo)

The recently released Nick Lomax profile from Let It Never End. Put out there as a celebration of Nick’s Pro Classic Throne launch by USD. It shows not only what a great skater Nick is, but captures what skating with him and the Manchester boys is like.

Google maps integration

Oh yes, it’s been clogging up my brain for a week or so, but I’ve finally sorted out a nice way to add image locations and Google maps into the gallery. Now, if I’ve got around to (or even can) add a map location to the image database for a photo, then you should be able to see where that image was taken.

I’m going to take a break from the PC now, but I’ll get around to adding a load of image locations over then next well, when I can be bothered. So far I’ve tested using the 2 most recent gallery sections:

Be warned, there may well be errors in some image links for a while until I integrate the code completely, but hopefully nothing to affect your browsing of the site. Please let me know of anything that causes issues.

Some stuff I found in a box

I’m sure there’s loads more about, but I found a few wheels in a box in the spare room.

  1. Cozmo anti-rocker wheels. 50mm and 85A. Not the best to be honest. All the issues of anti-rocker with the added bonus of grippy wheels in the centre.
  2. Realm wheels – 58mm and 90A. As were standard on some of the Oxygen range. I only have 2 as I loaned out the others for a day, 8 years ago, and never saw them again.
  3. Exile wheels – the blingingest wheels there ever was. You could choose the colours of your wheels and the style of your hubs separately, then just replace the urethane parts.