Digging through archives (Part 1?)

Tewy Star Jump at SYSWhile tidying up some folders on the laptop I came across some old shots that had been hidden away. Images that haven’t been shown because they didn’t fit anywhere. Put away in folders like “Misc” and “temp” they are a time capsule to be opened only when I am bored enough to sort through them. Today is one of those days.

So here, just for you is one for you from the days when skaters would swarm rather than trickle into a skate spot. The days when UFS was still an option and grind plates were common. Who can remember the who, when and where? If you’re stuck, follow the link to the gallery of the day…

One City One Shot Episode #5

So, the snow had finally (mostly) melted, not that we could tell as we drove over the Pennines to Sheffield. Surrounded by the pure white hills and clear lake water none of us could quite believe that spring had arrived and we were going to skate. The Steel City itself however was relatively warm and sunny and rammed full of skate spots. After the first few warm up spots, I grabbed some decent shots but then as the sun went down we hit our last spot of the day.

This is where Steve Swain decided to test out his new Kaltik Frames and flat setup on not only the kink rail, but this insane double set gap.


Just wait for that footage…