The roundup of Slamm Jamm

Right, the closest thing to an “official” edit has just come out from Paul -jp- Cargill. It is being hosted along with a few other edits and clips from the weekend on Mark “Balmore” Wilson’s site.


An edit from Will Willson including tricks from Brian Aragon and Chaz Sands along with a host of lesser known skaters is available on YouTube.

<update>This just in – A 7 minute monster edit from is available here on YouTube.</update>

Another edit on YouTube has a section at the start from this year’s Slamm Jamm. It then goes on to other unrelated clips.

Next there is Sam Brookfield’s edit that concentrates more on the names from the North West skate scene.

For a slightly different perspective, you should check out this edit from Jimmi Bradley which was shot from the media gallery and has more footage of the smaller driveway and action that a lot of the visitors missed on the day.

As for photos, it’s just a case of the usual sites – the gallery which has the pictures I took both of the skating and the partying, and of course you have got to check out Mark “Balmore” Wilson’ site for his coverage.

If anyone knows of any more media from this year’s Gathering, then please send details.