New look for The Boneyard

The Boneyard has had somewhat of a makeover during the last year. Gone is the rough concrete, replaced by a new smooth wooden floor. Other sections have been resurfaced while major parts have had a complete redesign. We were over there recently for a look and skate on the new surfaces and all I can say is it’s taken it to the next level. It was always one of the best parks for the atmosphere and the staff. It always had some fun lines. Now it’s really stepped up to a smooth fast flowing park. Check out the photos and even better, get over for a visit.

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SJ13 After Party Photos

[singlepic id=4138 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=right] If you were partying with us after Slamm Jamm 13 then head over to the gallery and check out the photos. There’s a good chance you’re gonna be in there somewhere. In fact, if you weren’t there, then go and look at what you missed. It was yet another alcohol fuelled evening in great company. What more could you ask for after spending a couple of days skating one of the best parks in Europe? See you at the next one.

DVD Wish List

I don’t quite understand it. I’ve seen plenty of DVD trailers over the years but it has been a very long time since I actually felt I needed to go out and hand over some cash to purchase a release. Now there are 3 that I absolutely must have. Each looks to have a very different style and vibe to it, but I doo need all three. I have to have these. Seriously, watch the trailers and then tell me you’re not wanting some…

Slamm Jamm Photos

Damn I need to learn to take a break now and then at events. I took far too many photos and now they are all posted in the gallery. Well, all the shots from the park are in there now but I still havene’t got around to sorting through the afterparty photos. They will have to wait until another day. For now though, check out what I saw going down at Rampworx that through the day:

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Gallery Backlog Now Clear

[singlepic id=3184 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=right] Finally. The main reason I have migrated the website over to the new design was for the sake of the gallery and now it’s here. I’ve worked through all the pictures that were on the old site and uploaded them into the new gallery. With a little work (well quite a lot actually) to sort everything out, it’s finally here and everything is now accessible through the gallery. This includes the section from 2011 so far that I have spent much of the past 24 hours uploading and sorting.

As an additional upgrade, from now on I am now going to be using bigger pictures. I’ll be uploading standard smaller versions to the facebook page as I work through, while keeping the higher resolution images for here. Hope you enjoy the site and watch out for the large Slamm Jamm photos coming soon.

Gallery Updates

It’s been a long time coming I know but things are finally moving forward. Having swapped over from e107 to WordPress for the website, I have also been migrating the gallery over. It’s taken far more effort and time than I had hoped, but here it is.

I’ve managed to upload everything up to the end of 2010 so far, and will work on the rest as soon as I get the opportunity. Then I can actually start on the backlog of images that I’ve been collecting since the summer…

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Loco Skate Beach Jam

OK, media is leaking out from the LocoSkate Beach Jam that was held last weekend down in Eastbourne. As part of the annual Eastbourne Extreme event we took overthe seafront skatepark from noon until 5. All was going well with the NewBlood (under 16) qualifiers and the open comps running all smoothly and to time. We managed to see 2 of the 3 qualifiers for the Pros before the threatened rain finally drown out the comp.

Considering the forcasts and the clouds we did very well to get this far. Nothing stopping the event though as there was a backup spot planned and, well, take a look for yourselves on the result in Jordan’s video above (from and in the pictures in the Gallery on here.

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