Gallery Backlog Now Clear

[singlepic id=3184 w=120 h=80 mode=web20 float=right] Finally. The main reason I have migrated the website over to the new design was for the sake of the gallery and now it’s here. I’ve worked through all the pictures that were on the old site and uploaded them into the new gallery. With a little work (well quite a lot actually) to sort everything out, it’s finally here and everything is now accessible through the gallery. This includes the section from 2011 so far that I have spent much of the past 24 hours uploading and sorting.

As an additional upgrade, from now on I am now going to be using bigger pictures. I’ll be uploading standard smaller versions to the facebook page as I work through, while keeping the higher resolution images for here. Hope you enjoy the site and watch out for the large Slamm Jamm photos coming soon.