So, you saw Sum 41 at NASS?

Here are the first set of photos from Saturday night at NASS 2012. I say the first set as I took so damn many that I need to split them up. These lot are from in and around the Main Arena while Sum 41 were on stage. So, if you found yourself enveloped by an “eclectic meld of raucous punk-rock, thunderous heavy metal and straightforward rock” while blinded by a muppet with a flash gun, you may be in the gallery

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If you were in the DnB Arena, or partying in VIP then I’ll get those pics up just as soon as I can.

BTW, really sorry about the quality of some of these photos (and those that failed to even make it here) but I was not sober enough to , well, let’s just leave it at not sober enough shall we…?

NASS 2012 – Saturday – Part One

After the heavy night and even more rain, Saturday could have been a washout. It wasn’t. Here are the photos I got during the day. It’s mostly the inline park sessions and a few shots from around the site while slowly recovering enough to prepare for the night ahead. Those photos will be along next…

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NASS 2012 – Friday Night Photos

OK. I told you I’d get these up tonight. Many memories have been stirred whilst going through these and a few added. How much had I drunk as I really don’t remember getting on stage.

Anyway, point your face at these for the appreciation of a dirty dirty night at the mighty NASS.

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Can I get some sleep now please?

First few shots from NASS 2012 (Friday)

My apologies for not uploading any photos over the weekends, but due to lack of network and excess of alcohol this just wasn’t practical. However, to make up for it I’m working hard to get through the hundreds of images I did take over the weekend.

Work commitments limited what I could capture of the daytime activities on Friday, arriving as I did 10 minutes before the end of the Inline session. Here’s what I managed to get down before setting up my home in the mud and preparing for an evening in the company of a few thousand dear and close friends. Watch out for those pictures coming soon but check out the intro for now.

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NASS party is starting here

Having driven through torrential rain and ridiculous traffic to catch the final 5 minutes of the inline AMs comp it is now time to get a few drinks in and see what the evening brings.

I’m afraid it will only be iPhone photos uploaded this weekend. Proper shots will be posted later but for now it’s all about the skating, parties and jumping in puddles…

It’s NASS next weekend

As you can tell from the floods it’s the summer again and next weekend is one of the UK’s biggest events of the summer. It’s NASS again. I have my tickets and transport sorted. All my batteries are charged and ready to spend 3 days capturing the event for all.

So, get hyped and check out the galleries from last year:

X-Fest 2012

So, X-fest happened (admittedly a while ago now) at a rather wet Santa Pod. I will admit that it was a rather subdued second event in the Laced series, definitely not helped by the appauling weather at hand. When the sun did eventually break through, and even without coping on the ramps the mix of adrenaline and high octane made it one to put back on the calendar for next year. Next time though, I’m taking a liferaft instead of a tent…

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Inline Only at Rampworx

Another gallery is up (finally). Last month Rampworx hosted one of their ever-popular Inline Only nights. After skating for a few hours I got the caerma out to grab a few shots of what was going down on the famous ramps. Here’s what resulted…

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Remember the summer?

So, where did it go? Well as a reminder of those great days in the sun from 2012 here’s another small gallery. An evening after work, over at Platt Fields outdoor skatepark with a few skaters. Chilling, skating and just enjoying the great weather. Next time I’m definitely going to have to get some barbecue action on.

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