So, you saw Sum 41 at NASS?

Here are the first set of photos from Saturday night at NASS 2012. I say the first set as I took so damn many that I need to split them up. These lot are from in and around the Main Arena while Sum 41 were on stage. So, if you found yourself enveloped by an “eclectic meld of raucous punk-rock, thunderous heavy metal and straightforward rock” while blinded by a muppet with a flash gun, you may be in the gallery

[nggallery id=213]

If you were in the DnB Arena, or partying in VIP then I’ll get those pics up just as soon as I can.

BTW, really sorry about the quality of some of these photos (and those that failed to even make it here) but I was not sober enough to , well, let’s just leave it at not sober enough shall we…?

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