Adrenaline Alley

It’s been ages since we visited a new skatepark. John (Goodman) got me on MSN and asked if I wanted to go to Corby. I had completely forgotten that AA was there until that point. Of course I couldn’t turn down a session…

So off we went the next morning. Well, it was about 4pm that we left and a 2 hour drive later we hit the park. It was surprisingly easy to find (with the help of GPS ovbiously). After Me and Joel signed in (John had been before) we went in for a look around…

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It’s a pretty big and well laid out park. A little unconventional but with some great features. There’s a number of rooms from the ankle-biter rails in one room, past the whippiest mini I’ve ever skated and through the main room to the foam pit.

I had a fun few hours in there. I love the rail, but feel that the main box is a little too complex for me. I prefer nice long ledges, rails etc rather than a compendium of small transitions, flatbanks and mini boxes. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area, if only for the foam pit (which doesn’t cost any extra), the resi jump box and the unusual lines that are all over the place.

Adrenalin Alley

Arnsley Road

Off Priors Hall Road



NN17 5QW

01536 202049