Winterclash 2009

As most people heard, the original skatepark venue for this year’s Winterclash burned down the day before the event was due to take place. With dozens of competitors and hundreds of spectators coming from all over Europe (and further) Something needed to be done, and the guys really made it happen. I have no idea … Continue reading Winterclash 2009

Winterclash Roundup

We had a full-on mission to get to Winterclash 2007. It started for me on Thursday, when I went straight from work to pick up Laura Huntley, and head over for a preparatory evening at Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool. It didn’t end until I late Sunday when I finally got home having had little sleep … Continue reading Winterclash Roundup

Skate Wallpaper – Stéphanie Richer

I thought it was about time I looked at part two of my wallpaper series and what better source than the shots I got at Winterclash? One of my favourite shots from the weekend has to be this Top Mistral from Bombasse Crew representative Stéphanie Richer. As is standard here, the image has been resized … Continue reading Skate Wallpaper – Stéphanie Richer

Rotterdam Invitational – 15th Feb

For those with a flexible timetable who are heading out to Winterclash you should consider another stopover. There are obviously the charming attractions of Amsterdam to consider, but if you can manage to tear yourself away for a day or two then head over to the Rotterdam Invitational. It’s on the 15th Feb, which is … Continue reading Rotterdam Invitational – 15th Feb

Seba CJ vs USD Carbon

Rip off, or just similar? There seems to be some controversy around the new skate from Seba. Shown here in a shot by Kate Egan from the Lady Rollers Organisation at Winterclash 2013 this weekend is the new CJ Wellsmore model (left) alongside the Carbon IV model from USD (right) released last summer. There is … Continue reading Seba CJ vs USD Carbon

Laced photos (skating)

After a short break from the computer to mission to Winterclash (photos to be posted in due course) I have now got around to sorting through the shots I took at Laced a week back. As you’ll have seen, there was the new rainbow box that everyone was killing but also three was action all … Continue reading Laced photos (skating)

Completing the Gallery

It’s time to get myself sorted and work on the website again. I’ve fixed the user creation process so anyone waning to register on the site should now be able to. Also I’m working through my old photo archives.