Winterclash 2009

As most people heard, the original skatepark venue for this year’s Winterclash burned down the day before the event was due to take place. With dozens of competitors and hundreds of spectators coming from all over Europe (and further) Something needed to be done, and the guys really made it happen. I have no idea how they managed it, but the whole event was relocated to the Area 51 skatepark in Eindhoven.

With the magic of the Internet, even those who were already in Belgium received the updates and knew that they had to get over the border and into the Netherlands. A quick call to Hertz confirmed that my hire car was good to go and I made it to the park with some help from the ever-necessary GPS.

So, getting there at 12, and waiting for the park to open at 2 was not ideal, but eventually people started turning up and the event took off. I’m amazed how well everything went. Friday was busy, but Saturday was insane. When we got there at 6pm, they had sold out of their 1,100 tickets and hte park was rammed. Get over to the gallery and check out the photos I managed to squeeze between head, through gaps and under feet…