Boneyard 2011 Panoramic

Just a quick post for the archives since I can now add panoramic images to the site. This is what The Boneyard Skatepark looked like after it’s major refurbishment in 2011. The new smooth wooden floors completely transformed the park. Smooth lines in every direction are the order of the day here. The far side of the park had also take a major overhaul. Adding in a new box/ledge (now with rail) pyramid, and long quarter with sub-box (now wallride) revitalised this oft-overlooked section of real estate.

Since this image were taken, a number of further updates have been added and as always with a skater-run park there are many many plans in the pipeline. However just as a marker in the sand, this was in my opinion the biggest jump forward for the guys in the Cheshire countryside so far and deserved a post albeit a late one.

[ptviewer image=2012/11/MG_4000-Panorama.jpg imagewidth=2000 imageheight=346 horizon=173 hfov=360 auto=0.1]Boneyard Skatepark 2011[/ptviewer]