UKSkate/Bones – View the park

I heard that there was going to be a few skaters at UKSkate last night, so I decided to take the opportunity to bring my camera down and shoot some frames. Had a good evening (and will post some of the pictures when I get to them) but once the park emptied I couldn’t miss taking some up to date panoramic photos of the three rooms.

Check the panoramics below; click an grab to pan around each room:

[ptviewer image=2012/12/UKSkate-Beginners-Panorama-2012.jpg imagewidth=2000 imageheight=386 horizon=193 hfov=360 auto=0.1]Beginners/Scooter Area[/ptviewer]
[ptviewer image=2012/12/UKSkate-Downstairs-Panorama-2012.jpg imagewidth=2000 imageheight=417 horizon=219 hfov=360 auto=0.1]Downstairs[/ptviewer]
[ptviewer image=2012/12/UKSkate-Upstairs-Panorama-2012.jpg imagewidth=2000 imageheight=504 horizon=252 hfov=360 auto=0.1]Upstairs[/ptviewer]