Livi Jam

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It’s been a couple of weeks now since the Livi Jam, but I’ve finally got around to sorting the photos. I’m not as happy with this year’s collection but check them out anyway.

Well, Livi Jam was a sick weekend as always. It had a bit of a downer when I found that some of the local chavs (or Scots equivalent) had decided it would be fun to destroy my not-exactly-cheap tent. The fights were interesting for a short time though. Still it was for the most part a good humoured and well attended event. The usual sessions went down with things going a little mental as the drinking started.

[ptviewer image=2013/02/Livi-Pano.jpg imagewidth=8662 imageheight=1251 horizon=626 hfov=360 auto=0.1]Livingston Skate Park 2006[/ptviewer]

After a great night’s sleep on the airbed (always thinking…) we went off to the now traditional second day English session at Unit 23 skatepark in Dumbarton. A good skate was had by all. It was a long weekend again with 700 miles covered over the 2 days along with a lot of skating and a bottle of JD. Good company and fun times.