Noiya Jam 2014 Photos

Noiya LogoSo, I finally got around to sorting through the photos from the Noiya Jam at The House Skatepark a few weeks back. I’m afraid I missed the Open comp almost entirely and arrived just in time for the Experts to start. As a result I don’t have too many shots. I hope you enjoy what I did manage to shoot though.

You want results? I’ll give you results;

15 and Under

  1. Cei Evans
  2. Connor Pearce
  3. Sammy Garland


  1. Tom Jowett
  2. Mark Lee
  3. Matty Vella

Pro / Expert

  1. Aaron Turner
  2. Ross Jones
  3. Jake Ricketts

Best Trick : Aaron Turner

Still want more? Well, here’s a couple of edits from the event: